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The Quiddity of Will Self. Sam Mills
Sam Mills
These Fragile Things
These Fragile Things

As Streatham, South London, still reels from the riots in neighbouring Brixton,
Graham Jones, an ordinary father, grows fearful for his teenage daughter Judy
who faces a world where the pace of change appears to be accelerating. But even
he cannot predict what will happen next. A series of events is about to be unleashed over which he will have no control, and the lives of his family will change forever. When Judy claims to be seeing visions he will call it a miracle, and, to his wife’s horror, the hungry press will label their daughter ‘The Miracle Girl.’ Elaine, present when she came close to losing her daughter a first time - knowing it was the paramedics and surgeons who saved her - will demand a medical explanation. But Judy, refusing to become caught in this emotional tug-of-war, is adamant. She must tread her own path, wherever it takes her.

Delusion, deception, diabolic…or is it just possible that Judy’s apparitions are authentic?

‘A brilliantly imaginative and quirkily fresh take on the world. Brimful of originality and creativity.’ The Literary Consultancy

‘An elegant and understated prose style with a very satisfying rhythm. This is really very good writing indeed.’ Debi Alper

‘Leaves one panting to read more.’ Jill Foulston